10 Reasons to Buy a Husqvarna Viking EPIC

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Here at we have wrapped up filming over 95 free video tutorial videos (totaling over 5 1/2 hours!) on the Husqvarna Viking Designer EPIC sewing and embroidery machine. Along the way we have found some of our favorite stitches, features and functions that make this machine a MUST HAVE!

I will never forget the first time I sat down in front of the Husqvarna Viking EPIC sewing and embroidery machine. It was amazing. Everything was smooth, quiet, fast, bright and easy to navigate. Even while filming all the videos I was reminded of so many things that make this machine truly spectacular.

Fast forward to today. We have taught hundreds of classes with Husqvarna Viking EPIC owners in them. The machines sew like a dream and embroider like a champion. They just work. From day one they have proven themself over and over that they are worth their weight in gold. 

1. Speaking of Weight…
The Husqvarna Viking Designer EPIC is one of the LIGHTEST top-of-the-line sewing machines compared to other top-of-the-line machines. Husqvarna Viking spent tons of money, time and research to reduce the weight of the machine while keeping it smooth and quiet during full sewing speeds.

2. Automatic Needle Threader
The Husqvarna Viking Designer EPIC needle threader is as smooth as it gets. Set the thread into the guide and press the button – DONE.

3. Extra LARGE Throat Space – 12″!
The space between the needle and the inside of the Husqvarna Viking EPIC sewing machine is a full 12″. One of the largest available today. A larger sewing machine bed helps with free motion quilting as well as offering a full 10″ wide embroidery area.

4. Specialty Decorative Stitches
The Husqvarna Viking EPIC sewing machine has an entire area dedicated to exclusive specialty stitches. These stitches include Sequin stitches, Pop Up stitches, Themed stitches, Dimensional stitches, Crystal stitches and Applique stitches.

5. Over 100 Built-in Video Tutorials
Included in the Husqvarna Viking EPIC sewing and embroidery machine is over 100 video tutorials. Whether you need a refresher on how to insert a zipper, need to know which stabilizer to use with fleece fabric or how to stitch an appliqué

6. Built-in WiFi Capabilities
Whether for instant machine updates, transferring designs from the computer to the machine, new project tutorials, or the latest Husqvarna Viking blog posts, being connected to your home’s wifi will keep this machine up to date. Access all your embroidery designs stored on the cloud from any Husqvarna Viking EPIC machine around the world.

Skip a USB stick all together – the designs directly from the computer to the machine via the mySewnet cloud.

7. Best Embroidery Positioning Options
The Husqvarna Viking EPIC has the most precise embroidery positioning options. Aligning repeated embroidery designs is super easy with the built-in Design Positioning function. You practically can “hoop crooked” and the machine will do the rest to realign to the perfection position.

8. Instant Notifications with the mySewMonitor
Set your phone with the free mySewMonitor app to be notified with embroidery designs finish, when to change thread, when bobbin thread runs low and even when a thread break has occurred. Save time by letting the mySewMonitor app keep an “eye” on your embroidery progress for you.

9. Color Block Sort – One of my favorite features!
When embroidering multiples of the same design in a large hoop, use the Color Block Sort to have the machine stitch all the same color section at one time. For example, it will stitch all color #1’s at once without stopping then stitch all the color #2’s. Load up an embroidery hoop will lots of the same design and only have to chance color a few times!

10. UNLIMITED Embroidery Fonts!
Download the free Husqvarna Viking complimentary Quick Font software to add fonts to the EPIC machine. Fonts can be a wide range of sizes, fill stitches, appliqué options, satin outlines and single outlines. Truly unlimited!

These are just a sampling of the fantastic features of the Husqvarna Viking EPIC sewing and embroidery machine. Check out this machine at your local Husqvarna Viking retailer or at

We used the Husqvarna Viking EPIC in the filming of our popular Embroidery Essentials online course. We selected to use this machine for its embroidery speed and the quietness while filming the course. If you own a Viking EPIC and enroll in the Embroidery Essentials online course you will feel right a home.

  1. Jaime says:

    You do great videos on all the machines. The above is great. I have a question. Can you tell me what is “ELECTRONIC NEEDLE PIERCING POWER
    Stitch through heavy fabrics or several layers without
    • Pulsating force gives superior results when sewing
    through heavy/dense fabrics or multiple layers.
    • Maximum needle force 150Nw.”
    How is this measured and can you find this measurement for other sewing machines. I think this is great information. Thank you.

    1. Sara says:

      If I were an engineer I would be able to describe this correctly…but from a sewists point of view I can feel the Viking EPIC can push a needle through more fabric than any of my other top-of-the-line machines. It is sight to behold! Fold a piece of fabric 8 times and than fold it again and than again for a total of 32 layers and watch this machine tackle it like a beast!

  2. P Low says:

    Sounds great but, I am seriously considering purchasing an Epic and would like to know about feeding capability….are there adequate feed dogs to make all sewing types easy and fluid ? I always hate sewing the ends of fabric to find them bunching up. Thanks for your thoughts on this.

    1. Sara says:

      Hi, We highly recommend you go try it for yourself. Take some of the fabrics you have trouble with and put it to the test at your local Viking retailer. We think you will be very impressed!

  3. Susan Cronin says:

    Hi Sara. I have been through all of the tutorials above. Can you tell me which embroidery thread manufactures are supported by the epic in embroidery mode? I.e.; Robison Anton, Sulky, etc.

    Thank you

    1. Sara says:

      Hi Susan,

      The Epic does not have specific thread brands in the machine, however you have practically unlimited color choices when editing with a color wheel and color spectrum selection. These colors show up as custom colors. You can read about changing colors on the Epic on page 115 of the manual.

      Thanks for asking,

      Sara Snuggerud

  4. Maggie says:

    Hi, I am trying to decide on a new machine and was wondering if you can tell me the difference between the Epic and the Epic 2?

    1. Sara says:

      Hi Maggie,

      May we suggest working with your local Husqvarna Viking retailer for the complete list of differences. There are so many to list here. We always suggest that if your budget allows to always purchase the newest technology. The original EPICs are over 4 years old now. The EPIC 2’s have all the newest everything!

  5. Maggie says:

    Hi, One more question since you cover different brands. Can you please tell me which Bernina Machine is the equivalent to the Epic machine? Thank you.

    1. Sara says:

      The Bernina 880 and the Viking EPIC 2 are both current top of the line machines.

      1. Zuladawn Hall says:

        Thank you Sara. I haven’t looked at the videos but have spent all week researching comparisons of my current Designer Ruby with the Bernina 880 and decided that I owed it to myself to compare the Epics and the Brilliance before finalizing a decision. My Ruby is in the shop for servicing, something that needs to be done frequently because it’s always in use. The Bernina caught my eye and I was amazed at how much the quality of the precision and art detailing the examples were displaying. I was also fascinated with the sewing through so many layers, the automatic needle threader and the area for the work. The dimensional sewing was also a true need I have and I notice the Epic 2 has that as well. The best “find” that I see is found in both machines is the dual feed capability built in. My Pfaff of some 40 years has an elementary form of this and I have really missed it on the the Ruby. I have learned more from the questions and comments than I have in an entire week of research.

        1. Sara says:

          Let us know which one you decide on!

  6. Susanne says:

    I’m purchasing an Epic 1 and want to know do I still need a dongle to down load designs and send them to my sewing machine?

    1. Sara says:

      Hi Susanne,

      You do not need a dongle to download designs. You will be able to do via wifi with the MySewNet or with a USB stick. Please enjoy the free videos we have made for you here:

      We also have two online courses we filmed on the Viking EPIC that will help you master your new machine.

      The Embroidery Essentials Online Course:

      The Husqvarna Viking Stitching Cosmos:

      You can preview 10 Stitching Cosmos videos for FREE here:

      Hope to see you in class soon!

      Sara Snuggerud

  7. Lahoma says:

    I own a HV Topaz 30 of which I have thoroughly enjoyed. I am considering an Epic 1 and wanted to know if the ‘noise level’ during embroidery is significantly less or not. Noise is my hubby’s big complaint, so I usually time my embroidery sessions when he is elsewhere. Thank you for ALL of your marvelous videos and information!

    1. Sara says:

      Hi Lahome,

      Yes! The Viking EPIC is much quieter!


  8. Jenny says:

    Hi Sara,
    I was just wondering if Husqvarna have a comparison list between the epic 1 and 2 and thankyou have just started to subscribe and very much appreciate your library of youtube films thankyou

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