Can I Use Generic Presser Feet on My Sewing Machine?

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You would never consider putting generic parts on your Porsche, so why would you waste money on generic sewing machine feet and accessories on your sewing machine?

This question has been asked a lot lately because of the specialty presser feet we are using in the online Stitching Cosmos courses

Many of our online Stitching Cosmos students have acquired presser feet over the years as they attended various sewing events and now realize that they never used them. Others have completely forgotten why they bought them in the first place! LOL!

But some student have never explored the wonderful world of presser feet and they want them ALL. This can seem like a big investment when looking at the 18 featured presser feet we explore in the 6.5+ hour Stitching Cosmos online course. (Click here to watch 10 videos for FREE to preview what this course is all about.) 

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What Constitutes as a “Generic” Presser Foot?

  • If the foot is a low shank or snap-on foot. 
  • Or you are required to buy an adaptor to use it. 
  • Just like pantyhose, one size does not fit all.

Avoid the hassle of having to return an item that does not fit, by buying the RIGHT foot the first time. 

Generic Feet Should Not be Used on High End Sewing Machines

What qualifies as a “High End” sewing machine? Sewing machine brands such as Bernina, Brother, Babylock, Husqvarna Viking and Pfaff each have brand-specific presser feet. Locating your local high end sewing machine retailer of these brands is the best way to guarantee you are buying the correct style of feet for your brand and model number of sewing machine.

Things That Don’t Always Line Up with Generic Presser Feet

It may or may not have a wide enough zig-zag opening that matches your sewing machine’s stitch width. Selecting a full width stitch with a presser foot with a small width will break the needle and can harm the sewing machine. 

Not all generic feet have the same measured distance for the needle. If the needle does not align centered in the foot left to right and from front to back, could cause excess rubbing against the foot while sewing.  

The foot may not correctly align with the sewing machines feed dogs for accurate feeding of the fabric. This is like driving an unaligned vehicle down the road. It is neither easy nor safe.   

After time, the coating on the underneath side of generic feet will often be worn off from the sewing machines feed dogs. Without a smooth under surface, presser feet can snag delicate fabric and not glide correctly over the fabric. This will look and feel like the foot is sticking to the fabric. 

Why be frustrated? It is never worth the headache of trying to make a non-branded foot fit your pride-and-joy. Treat your sewing machine like you treat your grandkids…with LOVE. 💚

Fit your sewing machine with the correct “SHOES” the first time and they will take care of you.

Feet used in this Stitching Cosmos block: Gathering foot, Hemmer foot, Edgestitch Foot (to take down the bias strip with a blind appliqué stitch), Open Toe Foot (orange decorative stitches), Free Motion Quilting Foot, and 1/4″ Foot (to sew down the bias strip).

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Here is a complete list of presser feet we feature. There are 8 separate lists of Stitching Cosmos Presser Feet – one for each of brand (Bernina, Viking, Pfaff, Brother, Babylock, Juki, Janome and Singer).

Find your Stitching Cosmos Presser Feet list here!

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