Top 10 Things I Love About the Pfaff expression 3.5 Sewing Machine

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We just finished filming 55 videos on the Pfaff expression 3.5 sewing machine with over 2 1/4 hours of free YouTube video tutorials. Click here to all the PFAFF sewing machines we have filmed. 

Whether you currently own this sewing machine, thinking of purchasing this sewing machine or have an opportunity to purchase this machine used, this complete list of 55 videos will help your master every part of this machine. Our goal is to provide a short video on every topic listed in the manual. With a short explanation and a visual how-to aspect these videos are guaranteed to compliment the classes from your local Pfaff dealer and help you use every part of this wonderful sewing machine.

After spending a couple exclusive days with the PFAFF expression 3.5 sewing machine, I can truly say there a a ton of great features everyone needs to know about. In no particular order, here are my TOP 10 favorite features: 

1. 10” of throat space – GREAT for quilters! This machine offers ample space as well as awesome lighting for larger sewing projects.


2. The PFAFF expression 3.5 sewing machine comes with a free motion quilting foot. No need to purchase a separate free motion foot – IT IS INCLUDED!


3. Pfaff’s built-in IDT is the perfect answer to a walking foot. At your fingertips, the PFAFF IDT system effortlessly keeps all layers of fabric perfectly feeding for a professional finish every time. No screw driver needed!


4. This is PFAFF’s first machine in the lineup with the full 9mm wide stitch width for all stitches. The impact of larger decorative stitches provides sewers with a much wider stitch than most sewing machines.


5. Automatic thread cutter – YES! I love machines with an automatic thread cutter. I know not all machines can have one for their price, but once you get use to using an automatic thread cutter, it is a feature you will never be without.


6. AUTO TENSION – When a sewing machine can take over the confusing part of adjusting tension, sewing becomes much easier. It is one less item I need to remember to adjust when moving from stitch to stitch.


7. Cleaning this machine is easy! There are no screws to loosen to take the throat plate off and this machine requires NO oiling! My little secret…when a sewing machine is easy to clean, I tend to do it more often. I have no excuse of the PFAFF expression 3.5!


8. This machine allows saving the settings of a personal stitch. After adjusting a decorative stitch’s stitch width, stitch length and needle position, it can be saved in the machines memory for easy retrieval in the future. No more writing down settings on sticky notes!


9. The needle position can be adjusted for any stitch! I know this does not sound super exciting, but for someone like me who is always adjusting stitches to bend to my creative projects, I love being able to tweak one more part of a stitch to get it to stitch just right.


10. Want to take your decorative stitching to the next level? Try out the tapering feature for any decorative stitch. Whether stitching around pointy parts of an applique or just wanting to add extra pizzazz to the beginning and end of a row, the tapering menu is a sewers playground!


As you can see the PFAFF expression 3.5 sewing machine is loaded with fun and very useful features that any sewer would wish to have. As I always say, PFAFF gives their sewers “layers” of extras. Meaning that there is always one more thing or one more level of creativity that is not normally found of other machines. If you want to have plenty of growing in room when you purchase your next sewing machine, take a closer look at the PFAFF expression line of sewing machines. We also have videos on the PFAFF quilt expression 4.2 sewing machine if you want to compare the differences.


Please enjoy the entire YouTube playlist of all 55 videos on the Pfaff expression 3.5 sewing machine here:


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  1. Cristy Robbins says:

    Pfaff is a great looking and rich featuring sewing machine. it is also a machine for the advance use. thanks for the great review. really love that machine.

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