10 Things I Love about the bernette funlock b42 Coverstitch Only Machine

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The bernette Funlock b42 coverstitch and chain stitch machine is a dedicated machine that can sew three types of coverstitch and a chain stitch. This coverstitch only machine is designed to stay set up and ready to use.

The bernette Funlock b42 machine can finish your hems, edges, and cuffs with a garment industry look on both stretch and woven fabrics.

What is the Difference Between a Coverstitch-only Machine and a Serger/Coverstitch Combination Machine? 

A coverstitch-only machine offers both two-needle or three-needle coverstitch stitches along with a single needle 2-thread chain stitch. A combination machine is two machines in one – a serger and a coverstitch machine in the same housing. A combination machine requires its user to switch between serger stitches and coverstitch stitches. This can mean switching needles, rethreading loopers, changing front covers, and lowering serger knives. 

With a coverstitch only machine, it is always set up for one of the four stitches it is capable of sewing. And with only one needed looper, it is super easy to thread without having to wade through all the serger parts and extra loopers all in one space. For the most efficient use of your time, a coverstitch only machine is ideal.

See My Favorite Features of the bernette Funlock b42 Here:

Recommended Coverstitch Craftsy Classes

If you own a coverstitch-only machine or a serger/coverstitch combination machine, we recommend the following two Craftsy online course to help you use your machine to its fullest.

Craftsy Course: “Serger & Coverstitch: Fashion Details” with Linda Lee
Craftsy Course: “Coverstitch Basics & Beyond” with Gail Yellen

Click this picture to watch a preview of this Craftsy course.
Click this picture to watch a preview of this Craftsy course.

Below are the 10 Items I Love about the bernette Funlock b42 Coverstitch Only Machine

1. Dedicated Machine for Coverstitch & Chain Stitch

I love having a dedicated machine to do one very specific operation. This saves valuable time when stitching a project that needs a professional touch. 

2. Tools Stored in the Front Cover

The most used coverstitch machine tools have their very own home right inside the front cover of the Bernette funlock b42 coverstitch machine. Never lose a pair of tweezers, a screwdriver, or a needle threader again!

3. It’s FAST! 1300 Stitches per Minute

The bernette funlock b42 coverstitch-only machine sews up to 1300 stitches per minute. Its stitch quality has been perfected to be spot on at all speeds. 

4. Chain Stitch

A chainstitch can be used for both a straight seam or a decorative addition. Add decorative thread to the looper and flip the fabric over for a fun new look. 

5. Both a Wide & Narrow Coverstitches

The built-in narrow coverstitch is 2.6mm wide and the wide coverstitch is 5.6mm wide which is perfect for a wide range of fabric types and thicknesses. 

6. 3.5” of Work Space

There is approximately 3.5” of work space to the right of the needles giving plenty of room to work on larger projects. Plus, the work space has multiple lines to guide just about any side of seam or hem. 

7. Bright LED Lights

The LED lights will light up even the darkest fabrics on this machine. With so many LED lights built-in, there is no worries about sewing the straightest of hems. 

8. Manual Needle Threader

A manual needle threader is included with the bernette funlock b42 coverstitch machine. It even has its very own home in the front cover of the machine with other commonly used accessories. Having a needle thread at your finger tips will guarantee it will be used on a regular basis and not get lost. 

9. Weighs Only 15 Pounds

The bernette funlock b42 coverstitch machine weighs only 15 lbs (6.8 kg) allowing it to easily be moved around if it can’t have its own dedicated space in the sewing studio.

Weight: 15 lbs.
Dimensions: 13.2 inches by 10.4 inches by 11.5 inches

10. All Adjustment Knobs are External 

Fine tuning coverstitch and chainstitching is super easy with all adjustment knobs on the outside of the machine. Changing the Differential Feed, Presser Foot Pressure, tension or stitch length on the fly can reduce how many “test samples” need to be run before dialing in the perfect settings for a new fabric. 

BONUS: 8 Optional Presser Feet – Including a Bias Binder!

I love new “shoes” for any machine! The bernette funlock b42 coverstitch-only machine has SEVEN optional presser feet plus an elasticator foot.

Watch all 24 bernette Funlock b42 videos here:

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