2021 Stitching Cosmos Challenge

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Join me, Sara Snuggerud, for a monthly Stitching Cosmos challenge in 2021!

Are you thinking of enrolling in the Stitching Cosmos Online Course? Or maybe you already enrolled and have either stalled out on your progress or have not started working through the lessons yet. This challenge is simple and it should help you jump back in with new inspiration from other students around the world!

The challenge is to #1, enroll in the Stitching Cosmos Online Course if you have not already done so. #2, post a block each month to any one of the BERNINA, Husqvarna Viking, or Pfaff Stitching Cosmos Facebook groups.

In January, you are asked to post a picture of the block you made inspired by Lesson #1 or a picture of your Stitch Book. Click here to learn 5 Reasons to Sew a Stitch Book.

In February, post a picture of your couching Stitching Cosmos blocks from Lesson #2.

In March, post a picture or two of your circular sewing attachment Stitching Cosmos blocks!

And sew on…!

This challenge came to mind because I have so many Stitching Cosmos left-over blocks as “stage samples” from my teaching days. After demonstrating the sewing techniques in a live classroom setting, the pile of half-sewn blocks has piled up over the years. I was looking for a reason to get them out and get them finished into some new Stitching Cosmos quilts.

What better way to get inspired than to put out a call to have others join me!

Since there are a total of 10 lessons in the Stitching Cosmos online course, I hope this challenge will help flood the Stitching Cosmos Facebook group pages with inspiration that we all can benefit from.

If you have already completed your Stitching Cosmos course, we would LOVE if you would share a picture of the monthly block’s lesson from your finished quilt. Our newer students will love seeing the potential their sewing machines are capable of creating.

If you are reading this post in the middle of the year, jump in at anytime! We are all here to be the inspiration to each one of us.

It is going to be a great year! Comment below if you are “in”!

What is the Stitching Cosmos Online Course?

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The Stitching Cosmos online courses are designed to help sewing machine owners master every stitch, every menu, and the 18 top-selling sewing machine accessories. If you know you are not using your sewing machine to its fullest, then this course is for you.

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  1. Sue Resop says:

    I love this idea! I am already enrolled and awaiting getting my Designer Brillance 80 back from its tune up. Can wait to get started.

    I really like your blocks with the ombré effect and wanted to use something like that, but couldn’t find any (shopping mostly online this year). Any ideas where I might find some?


    1. Sue Resop says:

      Oops! Meant can’t wait… 😉

    2. Sara says:

      Hi Sue,

      Thank you for joining us. Yes, Fat Quarter shop has ombre cotton fabrics. Click here to check them out:


      Sara Snuggerud

  2. Sandy Roos says:

    I’m almost done with my stitch book so count me in!

  3. Leslie McJunkin says:

    I’m already signed up. I have my first 2 blocks ready for stitching. Your directions are great for using the curve tool & sewing the curve. My stitch book is coming along nicely. I’m using my new Epic 95q. I’m discovering all types of stitches that I can’t wait to use.
    I think the challenge will be a fun wait to make progress.

    1. Sara says:

      Thank you for joining us!


  4. Denise Funk says:

    Love the challenge idea! I’m in!

  5. Darshana Hawks says:

    I am already in the course – yes please add me to the challenge.

    1. Sara says:

      The challenge will be in the Facebook groups if you are not already a member. 😉

  6. Chris Taylor says:

    Great way to keep the momentum going, I’m newly signed up to Cosmos and looking forward to getting started, Just waiting to get past New Year and for some supplies to arrive!

  7. Suzanne MSri says:

    Great idea as I got stalled too. Am looking forward to the posts😊👍🏻

  8. Maria Santiago says:

    I’m already signed up, but got stalled out due to COVID. But I can’t wait to start up again, this is what I needed. For January, I will start my stitch book and finish first block. I just requested to join the Viking group on Facebook. Thanks Sarah!

  9. Max says:

    Is there a discount coupon

    1. Sara says:


      The Stitching Cosmos online course is already been discounted from $599 to $399 or $34 equal payments over 12 months. No coupon needed. Hope to see you in class soon.

      Click here to enroll:

      Sara Snuggerud

  10. Danielle Nespeca says:

    I am in the 10th lesson now. The course has taught me so much! I will try to learn how to use Facebook to post some of my blocks. Just know that I take this as a practice experience and have not removed any of my mistakes…future students will be heartened by easily doing better 😊

    1. Sara says:

      Hi Danielle,

      Thank you for being part of the Stitching Cosmos online course. I love your recommendation to future students! If you want to e-mail pictures I would be happy to post them for you.

      Sara Snuggerud

  11. Karen Jessiman says:

    Just starting the course. Is it to late to join the challenge? If not please include me🤗

    1. Sara says:

      Hi Karen,

      Welcome! It is not too late to join in. Head over to Facebook groups to see everyone’s blocks. Here is the last video we posted about not being too late to join:

      Happy Sewing,

      Sara Snuggerud

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