4 Fast Summer Sewing Projects

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Hot afternoons chasing you inside? Here are four quick, complete-in-an-afternoon sewing items.

We have four downloadable patterns great for an afternoon of successful sewing. Whether sewing by yourself, with kids or with grandkids, these projects make great gift ideas and a can help use fabric you already have. 

FREE “Such a Simple Bag” Pattern

Free downloadable pattern “Such a Simple Bag”

The “Such a Simple Bag” offers a great way to carry everything – from groceries to pool towels. This bag is just the right side for adults and kids to use. If it gets dirty or wet, just throw it in the wash. My daughter uses her bag in the wintertime to carry her snow boots and snow pants to school.

Own an embroidery machine? Add a name or monogram to personalize each bag.

I personally keep a couple of these bags in my car for trips to the grocery store. With plastic bags no longer recyclable in our town, I have made an extra effort to take my own bags in for shopping. Plus this bag holds a lot more items with this fabulous handle tip…

Cleo’s Handle Tip: Cut up old denim jeans to put into the handles for extra support. One pair of jeans will make enough handles for 4-5 bags.

Use my favorite foot, an Edgestitch foot, to perfectly topstitch the handles and bag top with a professional STRAIGHT stitch.

Careful! These bags are addicting!

EZ Wallet Pattern

“EZ Wallet” downloadable pattern

The EZ Wallet pattern has a total of four pockets, two on each side that is perfectly sized for credit cards, ID and cash. It tucks in easily to small purses or cell phone bags to keep these extra items safe and all in one place. These also make up as wonderful gift ideas for the whole office or ladies group.

Cleo’s Favorite Wedding Gift Suggestion

My mother-in-law’s favorite wedding gift idea is to sew a couple “Such a Simple Bags” and include a grocery store gift card placed in a matching EZ Wallet. A gift that is practical and can be used over and over.

Hawaiian Shirt Tissue Holder

Only takes 3 seams to sew!

Question: What takes only 3 seams, 8 folds, 4″ x 30″ of fabric and 1 button?

Answer: A Hawaiian Shirt Tissue Holder which fits a standard travel size tissue pack.

Need a quick gift for everyone in your family, office or sewing group? This clever tissue holder looks like a Hawaiian Shirt and takes only three seams to sew. Combine simple origami folding skills with fabric and a little sewing. It is also a great way to use up the last 4″ strip of fabric from your last project!

Make a basket full of these thoughtful gifts for weddings or funerals.

Finished size: 6″ tall x 5 1/2″ wide

Smart Phone Holder

Smart Phone Holder

Check out our new Smart Phone Holder / E-Reader Holder pattern. Start with a simple rectangle, add crushed walnuts, and stitch the holder lines and DONE – a perfect gift! 

And it doubles as other uses too!

  • Pin cushion
  • Eye glass holder
  • Business card holder

Add embroidery designs or monograms to personalize.

Fits most smart phones with bonus measurements for kindle and e-readers.

Make the most of a hot summer afternoon inside with your sewing machine!

Sewing Mastery Pattern Library

Update: These four downloadable patterns are now bundled together with six other popular patterns in our Sewing Mastery Pattern Library. Gain access to all 10 patterns for only $9.99. Click here to see all the patterns.

Want to learn more tips for teaching kids to LOVE to sew? Read on…

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