5 Secrets for Pucker Free Embroidery

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A recently shared picture of a perfectly flat embroidery stitch out prompted multiple inquiries to how we achieved such perfect results. 

We have a few go-to embroidery hooping secrets we always use to get professional results on the first try. 

Follow these five tips for pucker free embroidery projects. 

Fusible Woven Interfacing

The reason this is considered a secret is because no one can tell that fusible woven interfacing has been applied to the back of the fabric before the project is even started. Woven interfacing is light weight and adds only the slightest body to regular fabric like cottons, linens and knit fabrics. This extra steps takes only minutes, but will eliminate hours of headaches later. 

Fusible Woven Interfacing is ironed to the back of the fabric. Two layers of tear away stabilizer was added for the embroidering of the design.

Be sure to always test iron temperatures when using fusible woven interfacings for the first time on fabrics. Use plenty of steam or water in a spray bottle for maximum stick and to eliminate air bubbles. Follow manufactures instructions. 

Fusible woven interfacing is still used in conjunction with tear away or cut away stabilizer depending on the fabric type. 

Use 2 Layers of Stabilizer

Always use two layers of (the correct) stabilizer. As the saying goes,

“There are those that use two layers of stabilizer and those that wish they had.”

Avoid Stretching the Fabric During the Hooping Process

I learned this as a very newbie embroiderer. It is key that the fabric is not pulled during the hooping progress. Fabric that is stretched will remain stretched once thousands of stitches are holding it down. 

Design is from Anita Goodesign’s “Barn Quilt” embroidery collection

Spray Adhesive is Your Friend

Temporary spray adhesive such as 505 spray is an excellent way to keep fabric from stretching during the hooping process. Always spray the stabilizer, NOT the fabric. 

“It’s like Post-It Note in a can!”

Sticky Stabilizer

When tough hooping projects come up, choose a Sticky Stabilizer to hold everything down without any movement what so ever. Sticky stabilizer is also good for projects that can not be hooped like back packs, pet collars, napkin corners and socks!

What is the hardest thing you ever tried to hoop? Did it come out or was it a total disaster? Leave us a comment below. 

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  1. Lisa says:

    What kind of software is needed? At the present, i just have the free Embrilliance and free Bernina artlink versions.
    Thank you.

    1. Sara says:

      Hi Lisa, You do not need any special embroidery software to achieve pucker free embroidery. It is all about choosing the right stabilizer for the fabric you are embroidering on.

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