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After 6 months since the launching of the Embroidery Essentials Online Course, we are excited to share photos from students who have completed the course and their comments.

If it is time for you to master your own embroidery machine but do not know where to start, then this is the course for you!

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Finished. Can’t wait to do the piped binding on more of my quilts. Loved this class and thanks to everyone for great information. Being new to machine embroidery I really enjoyed the class and helpful info from everyone.

Susan Helmer-Driskill

It’s Done!

Connie Thompson

I finished my quilt this morning. Lots of room for improvement but I like it.

Julia Joslyn

Finished! Thank you, Sara Snuggerud for the great instructions. I really enjoyed the project and became more familiar with my Designer Epic throughout the process. I need to improve my binding skills. Thanks also to all the members and their posts, I enjoyed reading their comments.

Deborah Hill Robinson

Here is a fun Facebook LIVE video I, (Sara Snuggerud) and my daughter Kate (9), did after a day of embroidering Embroidery Essentials blocks together.

See what Sara and her daughter Kate made on New Years Day. They added Kimberbell Glitter Sheets and mylar to an Embroidery Essentials Online Course class sample! #kimberbelldesigns #kimberbell #EmbroideryEssentials #heirloomcreations

Posted by Sewing Mastery on Tuesday, January 1, 2019

Got my first project done woohoo! Now for binding etc but I love it and I’m so glad I took the course. This is the first thing I have ever sewed/embroidered so I just love it. 

Andrea Steinmetz

Finished my first 4…I’m excited!

Connie Thompson

Completed all my blocks. I might use this as my practice pieces and do them again with different fabric to make the quilt. But, I loved doing all the techniques and love my Husqvarna Viking Designer Ruby Royale!

Janis Thomas

Finally got my blocks sewn together. Haven’t decided how to finish yet so it will hang on my board for a while. This was fun AND educational!

Granny Joni Guldenpfennig

Well done with the class and I learned a lot. Sara Snuggerud you are great teacher. Hope to do more. Made mine into a pillow.

Gena Rusher

Made by Sara Snuggerud your Embroidery Essentials instructor

Sara Snuggerud – Thank you so much for all your videos. I have had my Epic and have gotten very little use of its amazing features. Then you came along with your 90+ videos and I am in heaven.

It made me brave enough to take on the quilt in your Embroidery Essentials course. As I am working my way through the different blocks I am learning the features of my machine.

When I was watching the Tile Scene instructions you mentioned using color sort to do multiple blocks at one time. Is there a video for that? I think I have watched all of them and cannot remember. Thank you again for all the info you post. I wish I lived closer and could take and vantage of your expertise in person.
– Sandee Ellis –

Finally completed the course!!!! My machine had to be serviced twice for tension problems. When I tried the bee the first time it came loose from the stabilizer and jammed the machine up. After service and finding thread bits in the tension disc I was afraid to try again. But this time it worked great after adding extra stabilizer under the eyes and the “tail “ loop. Now I am eager to sign up for the Stitching Cosmos course when it is available online! Thank you, Sara Snuggerud for this course.

Kathleen Albanese

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Finally finished the quilt . I learned a lot and will make different color choices in the future. Way too muted. Thank you so much , Sara Snuggerud for this class! 

Brandie Gage Crossley

My finished piece. I love it I love doing the course. I can’t wait to do another one! Sara I wish you would come out with more courses online, that was so much fun and so much information I learned so much about my brand new machine thank you.

Sue Hatton

A day well spent! (December 31, 2018). I decided straight away, this is a whole new skill set for me so stepped completely out of my comfort zone. I’m a chintz and pastel girl so naturally threw the old me to the wind and bought the brightest fabrics I could find. I learnt so many new things. I made mistakes. I corrected them and in one case had to start again. There’s some I’m not in love with so will change….. isn’t this course just wonderful!!!?

Sherry Lauseng

Blocks are done and sewn together. It was fun learning all the techniques. It was so much fun…Thank you for all your supported help.

Margaret M. Eckmann
Made by Amanda Gair Harris

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