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It’s time to start your Stitch Book! We receive weekly e-mails from Stitching Cosmos Online Students around the world RAVING how thankful they are that they took the time to stitch out all their decorative stitches.

Whether your sewing machine has 10 stitches, 100 stitches or 1,000 stitches, this simple exercise of stitching out all the decorative stitches will help you understand and master one more area of your sewing machine.

This YouTube video will walk you through step-by-step how to create the Ultimate Stitch Book. From selecting the right stabilizer, choosing the most dynamic thread, and the correct fabric grainline to follow for the best results.

In the YouTube video below at 0:48, Alissa talks about her Stitch Book experience. We asked graduating Stitching Cosmos students what they wanted to tell their “Pre-Stitching Cosmos” selves about what they should know before starting.

“I think the Stitch Book was key. It was something that I was like, OK, but than when I actually did it, it was fun and I did feel like oh my gosh I know my machine better. Every time I want to do something decorative I just pull it out and go, oh yeah that’s the stitch I want!”

Our Stitching Cosmos Online Courses are packed with amazing sewing techniques to help maximize your sewing machine’s capabilities. If you are not using your sewing machine to its fullest potential, check out the 10 free previewable Stitching Cosmos lessons here!

5 Reasons You Need to Sew a Stitch Book

This past blog post gives any sewist the 5 best reasons to stitch out a Stitch Book. Remember you don’t have to stitch them out all at once! Prepare a small stack of fabric and stabilizer and sew out 10-15 stitches at a time. Before you know it, your stitch book will be completed!

Did You Just Buy a New Sewing Machine?

A Stitch Book is a perfect way to become acquainted with a new sewing machine. This exercise will help you learn to navigate the new menus and screens, find where the new buttons are located and delight yourself in the new sound of the machine humming through all the beautiful new stitches.

Please comment below about your Stitch Book experience!

Happy Stitching!

A Note From an Online Student…

I am in the process of making a stitch book for my sewing machine. I remember the article you wrote about the importance of a stitch book and I can see why. The stitches really do look amazing when they are stitched up. Thanks again for your help.


The best thing I ever did was make a Stitch Book! It helped me so much when working through the Stitching Cosmos online course!

Carol F.

Embroider Your Stitch Book!

Some embroidery machines will let you load decorative stitches in the embroidery side of the machine. Select the stitch, make a row of repeats and fill up an entire hoop of decorative stitches! Embroider an entire hoop of decorative stitches and REPEAT.

  1. Spanky says:

    The book is great, but one thing I would correct is to use a Bernina #39 foot vs #34 for decorative stitches.

    1. Sara says:

      Good suggestion! Thank you!


  2. Ruth Drews says:

    What weight of thread do you use for stitch books?

    1. Sara says:

      Hi Ruth,

      I enjoy using Isacord 40 weight embroidery thread for my stitch book.


  3. Paula says:

    I just bought a Husqvarna Viking Jade 35. I brought up my design, it showed to use 240 X 150 hoop. That is what size I put on. It keep getting an error stating attach correct hoop. I went in the hoop options and the right size was marked. It still will not embroidery.

    1. Sara says:

      Hi Paula,

      Sorry, I can’t answer why your machine is not recognizing your embroidery hoop. You might need to check with your local Viking service center for this solution.

      Sara Snuggerud

  4. Therisa L Rogers says:

    Thanks so much for all of this quilting and sewing instruction. Due to the pandemic, my local dealer is unable to run in-person classes. I am getting it all from you and the suggestion of a stitch book is excellent. I ordered a LARGE binder for my stitch samples plus my future stitch samples of individual stitches at different widths and lengths.

    1. Sara says:


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