How to Choose Colors for Quilts

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To successfully choose colors for quilts, visit your local paint store, Pinterest or! Those little color chips with all the coordinated colors are a great place to get inspiration for your next quilt.

Choosing colors for quilts is often a quilter’s stumbling block. And, without a color direction, a quilt can never get started. If you walk into a quilt store and find yourself always picking up the pre-selected quilt kits, it is time to branch out! Here is how to I use the color palettes designed by professionals to choose fabric for quilts I am making.

Learn How I Selected Fabrics for my most recent “Embroidery Essentials” Quilt here:

I used these simple color tips to choose colors for quilts like my last Embroidery Essentials online course quilt.

  1. Start a Google search using a “color” you have in mind. I started with “LIME GREEN”.
  2. Search Pinterest for color palettes. This rabbit hole is deep…be prepared to get so many great ideas you might get scared!
  3. Search Color Palette for color ideas based on nature and color photography. This website is packed with amazing pictures that can be searched by color grouping.
  4. Create a folder or an online board of your favorite colors. This is a great way to always have inspiration at your fingertips.
  5. Go back through your favorites and narrow them down to your absolute favorite. Remember you actually need to pick one and go with it. If you love the palettes you picked, any one of them will be perfect.

Here is the Color Palette I picked for my most recent quilt.

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