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Serger feet can “step” up your serger game BIG TIME! Our free video tutorials are guaranteed to help you master any brand of serger feet you might own or plan to purchase. 

We recently hosted a Serger event and showed the following 11 serger feet and attachments, how they work and what they were designed to do. While preparing for this event, I filmed a short video on each of the serger feet. 

Though these feet are designed to fit the brand new AFFORDABLE Husqvarna Viking air threading amber air S400 serger or the Pfaff air threading admire air 5000 serger, serger feet can be found for most major serger brands available today. Use these videos to see which feet are right for you. 

My two favorite serger feet are the gathering foot and the cording foot which I use to make my own custom wire edged fabric edges similar to French ribbon. The other feet and attachments are wonderful too, but these are the two I reach for the most. 

If you still are fighting with your current serger, check out the AFFORDABLE air threading sergers from Husqvarna Viking and Pfaff. Click here to watch over 35 free tutorial videos on these models to see if these sergers are right for you. Then, visit your local Husqvarna Viking or Pfaff retailer to try them out for yourself. 

The Husqvarna Viking or Pfaff package their serger feet in two foot kits – a Utility Feet Kit and an Embellishment Feet Kit. 

Here are which Serger Feet are in which kit: 

1️⃣ Gathering Foot
2️⃣ Gathering Attachment
3️⃣ Blind Hem Foot
4️⃣ Elastic Gathering Attachment
5️⃣ Cloth Guide

✅ The Gathering foot is perfect for gathering one layer of fabric onto another.
✅ The Gathering attachment creates gathers in light to medium weight fabrics.
✅ The Blind Hem foot creates an invisible hem, trims, and overcasts in one step.
✅ Elastic Gathering Attachment stretches and sews narrow elastic in place onto the edge of the fabric. Great for activewear, lingerie, and other projects.
✅ The Cloth Guide will keep seams straight while sewing and flatlocking seams when the knife is lowered.

1️⃣ Cording Foot (Type A)
2️⃣ Cording Foot (Type B)
3️⃣ 1/8″ Piping Foot
4️⃣ 3/16″ Piping Foot
5️⃣ Beading Foot
6️⃣ Beading Guide

✅ For yarn or nylon cord, to secure edges, hems, or create decorative wavy edges
✅ To add cord or seam tape to prevent stretching
✅ For sewing packaged piping into seams and onto edges for a tailored finish
✅ Easily attach strings of beads or pearls to garments

One of my most FAVORITE serger online courses is ____________ by Angela Wolf. In this class she uses a variety of serger feet to complete these quick and easy serger projects. 

Looking for a coverstitch option? Check out our videos on the bernette b42 coverstitch only serger. 

Buy this serger here…

1-Hour Serger Quilt

Yes, you can make a quilt on a serger! This 1-Hour serger quilt even incorporates the popular quilt-as-you-go technique for a simple, fast quilt that even uses up batting scraps! Click here for the 1-Hour serger quilt pattern. 

List videos

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Coverstitch – link to bernette 42 videos

Serger minky blanket

  1. Toni Werner says:

    Can I get serger feet for my Bernett 44 serger that I bought from you about 1 1/2 yr ago?

    1. Sara says:

      Hi Toni,

      Yes! Here is a list of serger feet available for the bernette 44 serger:

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