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Like blueberries, salmon and kale are the SUPER foods in the food world, the new SUPER NONSTICK NEEDLES from Schmetz are truly now the SUPER needle of the sewing world.

If you take the benefits of an embroidery needle (larger needle eye), the deeper scarf of a Topstitch needle and the non-stick coating of a Stretch needle and put them all into one – it would equal the new SUPER needle from Schmetz.

The Schmetz needle company introduces a new SUPER Nonstick needle in four sizes.

This needle has an amazing non-stick coating that can push through any type of sticky textures and fabric. This needle also boosts of having a larger needle eye suitable for machine embroidery and the deeper scarf down the from of the needle helps protect the thread when going through multiple or thicker layers.

NOTE: The eye corresponds to a needle two sizes larger (i.e., the 70/10 NonStick eye is similar to a size 90/14 regular Universal eye).

The SUPER needle’s point is slightly rounded to help stitch through most fabrics yet the strong “cone-shaped” blade can handle even the thickest fabric likes denim.

Need a better needle for sewing through hoop and loop tapes? The the new Schmetz SUPER Nonstick needles.

Available in 4 sizes, 5 needles per pack:
70/10, 80/20, 90/14 and 100/16

Ask for these needles at your local sewing machine store.

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