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Master your sewing machine through a series of sewing techniques, feet, accessories and decorative stitches.

Over 25 Sewing Techniques and Over 18 Presser Feet Featured in the PFAFF Stitching Cosmos Online Course!

The PFAFF Stitching Cosmos online course is designed to help Pfaff sewing machine owners master every stitch, every menu and the 18 top selling sewing machine accessories. If you know you are not using your sewing machine to its fullest, then this course is for you.

We have had over 100 students graduate from our in-store Stitching Cosmos hands-on classes with such a high success rate, we knew that we had to share this with the world.

Stitching Cosmos students RAVE daily how in-depth these sewing techniques have taken them step-by-step through the amazing journey unwrapping layer after layer of their sewing machine’s capabilities.

Whether you are a beginner and just purchased your first sewing machine or have been sewing for years, the techniques featured in this 6 1/2 hour+ course is GUARANTEED to transform the way you sew.


We are putting the finishing touches on the FULL LENGTH Bernina Stitching Cosmos online course and the Husqvarna Viking Stitching Cosmos online course. If you own a Brother, Babylock, Juki or Singer sewing machine and want to take this course, we HIGHLY recommend you wait and enrol in the Husqvarna Viking Stitching Cosmos course when it is available. Sign up to be notified by e-mail when the Bernina and Viking Stitching Cosmos courses are available at 

We have worked with users of ALL BRANDS of sewing machines in our courses. The Stitching Cosmos journey is designed to help all sewists reach their potential of sewing creativity.

The techniques learned in this course will then be able to be incorporated into future sewing projects. Just think about how it will feel to add that POP of WOW to your next sewing adventure.

Make your sewing friends jealous as you add a totally new level of sewing pizzaz to that next quilt, table runner, garment or gift.

Thank you Rebecca C for letting us display and share your Stitching Cosmos master piece.

Over 25 Sewing Techniques and Over 18 Presser Feet Featured in the Course

When it comes to sewing techniques and accessory feet, the Pfaff brand of sewing machines work pretty much the same. Whether you have an older Pfaff sewing machine or a no-frills Pfaff sewing machine, the techniques and knowledge you will gain from this course will last a lifetime.


We want to you see first hand what this course is all about. There are 10 videos available to view for FREE including the lessons The Ultimate Stitch Book” and “Why Stabilizer is so Important“.

Making a Stitching Book is a great opportunity to fall in LOVE with your sewing machine even if you do not enroll in this awesome course!

This video above shows how one student turned her Stitching Cosmos quilt blocks into a Sea Side Masterpiece. Thank you Nina K for putting your own twist on the curved blocks.

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  2. Dona-Mae Bauer says:

    I am so excited to see the online Cosmos course. I don’t have a Pfaff, I have a Janome 15000, will this course work for me?

    1. Sara says:

      Hi Dona-Mae,

      Thanks for your interest. We would recommend you wait for the Viking Stitching Cosmos Online Course. The Viking is very similar to the Janome sewing machine. It would be the best fit for you. Thanks!

  3. Lynn P says:

    How big are the individual blocks? I own the drunkard’s path die from the retired 12″ Accuquilt companion set. Would that be too small? I’m waiting for the Bernina version of the class to be ready.

    1. Sara says:

      Hi Lynn,

      The Stitching Cosmos blocks can be any size. The ones we teach in class finish at 10″ but I have also used the current AccuQuilt Drunkards Path 7″ die. The Viking Stitching Cosmos course just wrapped up filming this week. Once the Viking course is done we will finish the Bernina course! Hope to see you in class soon.


  4. Connie says:

    I’m a Bernina owner, and am looking forward to details using her.

    1. Sara says:

      Thank you!

  5. Elizabeth Thiebaud says:

    In your PFAFF Cosmos online course do you cover the new binding foot PFAFF came out with this year?

    1. Sara says:

      Hi Elizabeth,

      We do not cover the new quilt binder in the Stitching Cosmos course. We do cover the adjustable bias binder because it is the right foot for the block that we use it on. It also was not available when we filmed this course. We will be doing a separate YouTube video on the Quilt Binder in the near future.

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