Pintucks & Decorative Stitches – There is a Foot for That!

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Stitching pintucks with a twin needle are usually simple and straight forward.

But Let’s Take it Up a Notch!

Bernina’s Decorative Pintuck Foot #46C allows for properly spaced pintucks to allow for a 9mm decorative stitch to be stitched between the pintucks. 

This process needs to be completed in two totally different stages. First, with a twin needle WITHOUT stabilizer, and second, when stitching the decorative stitches, WITH stabilizer. 

The foot itself is ingenious. It allows users to stitch pintucks moving from right to left or left to right depending on which side of the fabric you start from. 

Using a 2.0 twin needle with the Bernina Decorative Pintuck foot #46C will result in the perfect pintuck on cotton or lightweight fabric. Be sure the fabric is not starched. 

Select either two matching colors for the needle threads or add an additional level of pizazz with two different threads or even a variegated thread!

Pfaff has a foot like this too!

Stitch Pintucks on the Lengthwise Fabric Grain

Pintucks stitches along the lengthwise direction of the fabric are more sturdy and will pucker less. For more accuracy, draw a straight line down the fabric to follow for the first pintuck. After one pintuck is stitched, each sequential pintuck will be perfectly parallel to the first pintuck. 

After the pictucks have been stitched, place stabilizer behind the pintucked fabric. Align the Bernina Decorative Pintuck Foot #46C so the pintucks are guided in the pintuck grooves and select a decorative stitch.

What if I Have a 5mm Wide Bernina Sewing Machine?

For Bernina users with a 5.5mm stitch width, the Bernina Decorative Pintuck foot #46C will work on your sewing machine. The only difference will be the decorative stitches between the pintucks will be slightly narrower.

How to Pick the Right Decorative Stitch?

Taking time to stitch out all the sewing machine’s decorative stitches will assist in easily selecting the right decorative stitch. We call this a “Stitch Book”. Stitch books are good way to help you become more familiar with your sewing machine as well as a reference to all the wonderful stitches that are at your finger tips. Stitches always look better stitched out on fabric than they do on the screen.

Additional Bernina Pintuck Feet

Bernina makes four additional standard pintuck feet in four different sizes. Each pintuck foot is designed to work with different sized twin needles and thickness of fabrics. Watch this video to find out which foot works on which fabric. 

Bernina Stitching Cosmos Online Course

Join us for a journey of a lifetime and learn over 18 additional Bernina presser feet in the Bernina Stitching Cosmos online course. 

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  1. MARY ENOS says:

    Great videos. Thanks…wish I had a Bernina

  2. Alison Anderson says:

    I have a Bernina and want to get a pintuck foot. The foot you talk about would be more versatile than a straight pintuck foot. Is it best to have both or will pintuck and decorative foot suffice?

    1. Sara says:

      Hi Alison,

      If you own a Bernina with 9mm wide stitching capability I would recommend the pintuck and decorative foot. It is more fun!


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