Top 10 AccuQuilt Dies of 2020

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Over the years AccuQuilt has produced some amazing fabric cutting dies. Check out the 10 top-selling AccuQuilt dies for 2020. Missing a die from your collection? Click on any of the pictures below to order now!

Do You Own an Embroidery Machine?

All current AccuQuilt “appliqué” dies, such as the #1 Selling G0! Gingerbread Cookie die, has FREE downloadable embroidery designs to assist in the embroidering of the applique shapes.

1. GO! Gingerbread Cookie (55862)

Have you ever decorated a cookie too cute to eat? With AccuQuilt’s GO! Gingerbread Cookie Die, you can keep your delicious creations for years to come. From holiday decorations to seasonal accents, this appliqué die will work great with the GO! Holiday Medley, GO! Sleigh & Snowflakes, GO! Holiday Accessories and GO! Schoolhouse. Rickrack, embroidery, buttons, and more will bring this shape to life.

2. GO! Square – 5″ (4 1/2″ Finished) (55010)

Squares are literally the basic building block of quilting. Use the GO! Square die to precisely cut 5″ squares for a finished 4 1/2″ square. These are also just the right size for charm squares! Coordinates with AccuQuilt’s Mix and Match system dies to create 9-inch finished blocks.

3. GO! Strip Cutter – 1 1/2″ (1″ Finished) 5 Strips (55024)

The smaller the strip, the more difficult it is to cut accurately and the more strips you need. The GO! Strip Cutter 1 1/2″ makes it easy to cut perfect sashing, narrow borders, delicate bindings, and more.

4. GO! Hunter Star – 6″ Finished (55166)

One die board, one classic quilt block! Combine 4 blocks to create 12″ finished Hunter Star block. Designed to create one complete 12″ block in two passes. Cut four layers of one fabric color, then reload and cut four layers of second fabric color.

5. GO! Strip Cutter – 2 1/2″ (2″ Finished) (55017)

AccuQuilt is excited to announce an improvement to the GO! Strip Cutter-2 1/2″ (2″ Finished) die. This upgrade is simple, yet offers users a valuable way to expand the use and versatility of their fabric cutters.

This GO! Strip Cutter will have four angled guidelines printed on the foam surface. Lines at 90-degrees, 30-degrees, 45-degrees, and 60-degrees allow quilters to cut strips into squares and several types of diamonds that can be used to make classic quilts like the Lone Star and Tumbling Blocks. These preprinted angled guidelines will make it easy to create a variety of shapes with consistent cuts that will save time and fabric. The GO! Strip Cutter Dies are hugely popular amongst quilters, and now the creative possibilities with Strip Cutter Dies are infinitely bigger.

6. GO! Burp Cloth (55863)

If you need a baby gift or just want an easy sewing project, these burp cloth shapes can be cut in minutes and sewn quickly and easily! Make it personal! The GO! Burp Cloth is designed to work with appliqué shapes that are 7″ x 5″ or smaller,  such as the GO! Carefree Uppercase and Lowercase (55092, 55491) Alphabet sets, or embellish your burp cloths with embroidery.

7. GO! Storm at Sea – 12″ Finished (55221)

The GO! Storm at Sea die is a Block on Board® (BOB®) die that is specially designed to include all the shapes on one die board to create a 3-color, 9″ finished repeating block with single sashing.  The Storm at Sea die includes the highly requested 60° Diamond in a Rectangle for the sashing, specialized dog-ears, and 1/4″ seam allowances for easy alignment and piecing. Imagine how long it would take to cut all of these pieces by hand! The GO! Storm at Sea makes it so easy. 

8. GO! Northwoods Medley (55483)

Northwoods quilts are inspired by the rustic charm of a log cabin in the woods. Create your own Northwoods forest with the GO! Northwoods Medley die.

Use the FREE GO! Northwoods Medley Embroidery Designs ($22 value) download available to finish your project. Each shape includes a motif, blanket stitch, and satin stitches. The FREE download will automatically be added to your shopping cart with the purchase of the GO! Northwoods Medley die.

9. GO! Baby Bib (55864)

The GO! Baby Bib die makes DIY and personalized baby gifts a breeze. Create 3 complete baby bibs in just one pass through your AccuQuilt GO! or GO! Big fabric cutter. Perfect for cotton, fleece, flannel, Cuddle, terry cloth, and more, the fat-quarter friendly finished size is designed to work with embroidery or GO! appliqué shapes 5 inches or smaller.

10. GO! Holiday Medley (55043)

The winter holiday season is a busy one for most quilters. Why spend hours cutting out the holly, trees, and snowflakes, when the GO! Holiday Medley can precisely cut these classic designs from multiple pieces of fabric at once. Want to turn these holiday shapes into easy appliqués? Simply apply fusible web to the wrong side of the fabric before cutting and there you go!

The following are the Top-Selling 11 – 25 AccuQuilt Dies:

55349GO! Log Cabin-12″ Finished by Leslie Main
55470GO! Square-1 1/2″ (1″ Finished)
55461GO! Bear’s Paw-14″ Finished
55494GO! Spring Medley
55220GO! Hattie’s Choice-8″ Finished
55058GO! Square-8 1/2″ (8″ Finished)
55000GO! Square-6 1/2″ (6″ Finished)
55065GO! Calico Cat
55485GO! Pineapple-10″ Finished
55013GO! Rag Square-8 1/2″
55445GO! Tumbler-4 1/2″ (4″ Finished)
55032GO! Strip Cutter-3 1/2″ (3″ Finished) 2 Strips
55012GO! Circle-2″, 3″, 5″
55174GO! Ohio Star-12″ Finished
55041GO! Fall Medley

Learn more about AccuQuilt and the AccuQuilt Fabric Cutting system at

  1. Patsie Griffin says:

    Love my Accuquilt. I would like to see a turtle die, octopuse die, and mermaid die.

  2. Marg Wallis says:

    I would like to see more North American animal/ bird dies such as the loon, eagle, lynx, pickerel fish.
    Thanks for all the beautiful dies that you produce for us, we really like and appreciate them

    1. Sara says:

      Hi Marg,

      Great idea. You should send this suggestion to AccuQuilt!


  3. Sandy Lewis says:

    Needle turn applique! Dies that would have a 3/8″ line indicated on the edges for turning under. For the many needleturn appliquers. I love your dies, also. I prefer needle turn to machine applique as many others do as well. Thank you.

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