Top 10 Things I Love About the Pfaff Ambition Essential 

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The Pfaff Ambition Essential is a sewing machine power house. This machine has a throat space of 8”, has excellent lighting, great decorative stitches, and the Pfaff IDT feeding system.

Here are a few of my favorite features on the Pfaff Ambition Essential sewing machine. 

1. This machine has 8” of glorious space to work with. No longer do bulky sewing projects feel the pinch like on smaller machines. Now extra fabric flows effortlessly through the machine’s throat space. 

2. 29 Needle Positions – why would anyone need so many needle positions? Anyone who sews! I love having such fine turning of needle location especially when topstitching. By moving the needle to the exact position on the edge of a fabric it looks professional and not home made. 


3. The Pfaff Ambition Essential sewing machine uses Class 15 generic plastic bobbins. This means you can purchase additional bobbins just about anywhere. Read more about bobbins…

4. Decorative stitches are a full 7mm wide. This size is perfect for embellishing any sewing project.


5. This machine comes with a hard case. Take your Pfaff Ambition Essential sewing machine any where you want to sew with peace of mind it will be safe.

6. This machine can stitch a half stitch with just the tap of the foot control. If the needle is stopping down in the fabric, tap the foot control at the top, quickly, and the needle to raise to the top of the fabric. No more turning the sewing machine’s hand wheel by hand. 

7. No oiling needed. Yes, the machine does need the lint to be cleaned out from under the throat plate regularly but no oil is needed. Have a the machine serviced once a year for its annual oiling by your local Pfaff authorized store. 


8. The Pfaff Ambition Essentials sewing machine will not sew with the presser foot up. This saves major headaches if one accidentally does not lower the foot when sewing. 

9. This machine can stitch out a programmed alphabet. Want to label a quilt? You can stitch out all the information in thread!


10. The PFAFF IDT – The Pfaff IDT feeding system helps always keep multiple layers of fabric feeding absolutely even. There is no need to purchase a walking foot for machine quilting or stretchy fabrics – it’s built in!

One More Thing…

Something I did not know when I started filming

The Pfaff Ambition Essential sewing machine has over 110 built in stitches plus an alphabet. Each of the stitches on this machine are numbered, but some numbers are BLUE and some stitch numbers are BLACK. 

The stitches highlighted with a BLUE bubble around it are to be used WITH the Pfaff IDT / dual feed system. The stitches shown only as BLACK numbers are to be used WITHOUT the Pfaff IDT feeding system. Students always ask when they should engage the Pfaff IDT and when not to use it. The Pfaff Ambition Essential sewing machine helps us not have to guess when to use it and when to disengage it. 

In Conclusion…

The Pfaff Ambition Essential sewing machine is an affordable machine for any type of sewer. If you are looking for a lot of sewing machine features without breaking the bank, the Pfaff Ambition Essential sewing machine is a MUST SEE.

Click here to video all 40+ free tutorial videos we have made on the Pfaff Ambition Essential sewing machine.


Visit Pfaff’s website to also learn more about the Pfaff Ambition Essential.

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  1. Joyce Treas says:

    I love my pfaff Ambition Essential machine. I have had it for 3 years and use it a lot. I love it.

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