$5 Hoop Springs Every BERNINA Embroiderer Needs!

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If you own a BERNINA embroidery machine, these hoop springs will end your fabric hooping struggle.

There is a $5 fix that will turn hooping your next embroidery project into a “dream job” instead of a hair-pulling catastrophe. 

Hoop springs from OESD have been around for years. Every time I teach an embroidery class, my BERNINA students say these are the absolute BEST hooping lifesavers!

These hoop springs are the perfect addition to the BERNINA small, medium, oval and mega hoops.


The BERNINA Midi, Maxi, and Jumbo hoops do NOT need hoop springs.

Due to the new reliable ergonomic twist-lock-mechanism, the hoop can be opened and closed with a touch of a finger.

If you are new to embroidering, there is a ton to learn! There are all those different kinds of stabilizer, which buttons to push on the machine, how to transfer designs from the computer to the machine and how to hoop the fabric straight so it will embroider correctly.

I personally have seen the last topic as a breaking point for some new embroiderers. They just want to GIVE UP! Hooping the fabric is just too hard.

The Struggle is REAL 

Enter in these amazing Hoop Springs! We quickly add them to the BERNINA hoops where the hoop screw is and like MAGIC, hooping becomes possible again.

hoop springs

These little gifts from heaven are like having a third hand! They will help hold the outer hoop open while you work to insert the inner hoop over the fabric.

These hoop springs spread and hold the BERNINA small, medium, oval, and mega embroidery hoops open while making hooping a lot easier. 

Place the OESD hoop spring on the hoop tension screw between the screw mounts. The pack of 5 hoop springs will allow you to put one on every BERNINA hoop that came with your embroidery machine!

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  1. Carol says:

    Where is the link to order springs for small and large oval hoops? Thanks

    1. Sara says:

      Hi Carol,

      Click on any of the blue “links” within this blog post to go to where you can purchase the hoop springs.

  2. Phyllis Brucker says:

    How can I get a replacement for my large Bernina oval hoop the screw and bolt parts?

    1. Sara says:

      Hi Phyllis,

      Your local Bernina store will have these replacement parts. Please contact them directly.


      Sara Snuggerud

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