AccuQuilt Meets Stitching Cosmos

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Did you know that AccuQuilt makes a die that can be used for the Stitching Cosmos online course blocks? 

There are actually two dies! One that finishes 7” and a very small one that finishes 4”. The quilt above measures a happy size of 25″ square!

The AccuQuilt GO! Drunkard’s Path 7″ Die produces a miniature version of the original Stitching Cosmos course quilt. The original Stitching Cosmos blocks finish 10″ square.

AccuQuilt GO! Drunkard’s Path Die 7″ Finished

The AccuQuilt GO! Drunkards Path 4″ die would be a miniature-miniature block size. We know people who love miniature quilts. If full-size quilts are not your thing, this miniature option would be the way to go.

AccuQuilt GO! Drunkard’s Path 4″ Finished

For our in-store Stitching Cosmos students, we explain that they need to bring practice blocks to stitch through the learned techniques while in class. Once they return home they will repeat the techniques on their actual Stitching Cosmos fabrics. 

This allows for more freedom while in class to experiment without the worry of messing up. We find that this freedom helps students step out of their comfort zone and try new stitches, new accessory feet and explore options beyond the norm. 

“We know we don’t do our best work in class.”

Many of our students have used our in-house AccuQuilt GO! Drunkard’s Path 7” die to create “practice blocks” to bring to class. 

Do You Love 10” Square Layer Cakes?

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The famous 10” square layer cakes are the perfect pre-cut size to use with the AccuQuilt GO! Drunkard’s Path 7” die. Find a pack of solid colors, lay six squares on the die at a time and DONE! All the pieces are perfectly cut. 

Sara’s Favorite Part of the AccuQuilt Drunkard’s Path Die

My favorite part of the AccuQuilt GO! Drunkard’s Path 7” die is the small triangle notch to show the center of each piece. Pinning this block together goes from hard to FAST! Using only 3 pins, first, pin the center notches together and then a pin at the beginning and one at the end. 

Use a seam ripper or a stiletto to help guide the curve through the sewing machine. Click here to read which one is my favorite:

See Eleanor Burns Use the AccuQuilt Drunkard’s Path Die

Why Quilters Love the GO! Drunkard’s Path Die: 

  • Drunkard’s Path is a Block on Board® (BOB®) die which means it’s specially designed to include all the shapes you need to create a block on one die board. 
  • No measuring! No templates! Drunkard’s Path includes two unique shapes that are difficult to cut by hand. 
  • A traditional quilt block, Drunkard’s Path also creates unique contemporary designs. Each set creates a 7″ finished square. Four sets finish at 14″. 
  • No need to be afraid of curves! Drunkard’s Path features matching notches on curved seams for easy pinning and fast sewing. 
  • Includes 1/4″ seam allowance and screen printed letters on the die for easier piecing and organization of shapes. 
  • Free pattern downloads and step-by-step block assembly instructions are available to get you started.

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