Bernina 570 QEE Sewing and Embroidery Machine

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The BERNINA 570 Quilters Edition sewing and embroidery machine is one of BERNINA’s most popular models. Loaded with quilting accessories, the BENRINA 570 is designed to help transform your sewing dreams into reality. Select this model as a sewing only machine or add the optional embroidery module to it at anytime. Thinking of purchasing this machine? These free video tutorials can help you see firsthand if this model is right for you. Check out all the BERNINA machines we have filmed here.

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With over 100 videos on the Bernina 570QE we will help you master everything from straight stitching to s sewing on a button and making a buttonhole with your Bernina sewing machine.

The List of Videos for the Bernina 570 QE E

  1. Introduction & Unboxing
  2. Accessories
  3. Warranty
  4. Threading & Winding a Bobbin
  5. Screen Overview
  6. Needle Threader
  7. Inserting the bobbin
  8. Changing the needle
  9. What is a Stitch Book
  10. Stitch Width, Length & Needle Positions
  11. Attaching and Removing Feet
  12. Cleaning and oiling
  13. Cleaning the Thread Catcher
  14. Holding threads when starting to sew
  15. Foot “C” vs “D” Differences
  16. Speed Control and Start & Stop Button
  17. Free Hand System (FHS)
  18. Slide on table and guide
  19. Thread Cutters – You Have 4!
  20. Tension test – foot up and down
  21. Selecting stitches
  22. Function Buttons
  23. Tension
  24. Top Tension Issue
  25. Reverse & Permanent Reverse
  26. Temporary Altered Stitch Memory
  27. Overriding Factory Default Stitch Settings
  28. Feed Dogs Up & Down
  29. Presser Foot Pressure
  30. Overlock stitch
  31. Bernina Creative Consultant
  32. Personal Program
  33. Needle Reminder or Needle Memory
  34. Stretch Stitch
  35. Double Overlock Stitch
  36. Blind Hem
  37. Eyelets
  38. Sewing Elastic
  39. Mending Stitches
  40. Stretch Overlock Stitch
  41. Securing Stitch #5
  42. Triple Straight Stitch & Zig Zag
  43. Gathering Stitch
  44. Jeans Hem with Height Compensation Tool
  45. Balance
  46. Basting
  47. Buttonholes
  48. Needle Up/Down Functions
  49. Calibrating the Buttonhole Foot
  50. Sewing on Buttons
  51. Decorative stitches
  52. Set Up Program
  53. Pattern Begin & Pattern End
  54. Zipper Foot
  55. Record the Length of a Stitch
  56. Free motion quilting
  57. Backstepping
  58. Securing Function
  59. Mirror Image
  60. Triple Stitch Function
  61. Pattern extend
  62. Perfecting your 1/4” seam
  63. Threading for a Double Needle
  64. Straight stitch throat plate
  65. ECO Power Saving mode
  66. Hand Look Quilt Stitch
  67. Bernina Stitch Regulator (BSR)
  68. Blind Applique Stitch
  69. Satin Stitch Applique
  70. Blanket Stitch Applique
  71. Sara’s Favorite Applique Stitch
  72. Machine Quilting stitch #1301
  73. Memory & Editing a Memory
  74. Alphabets & Memory
  75. Bernina Dual Feed & Other Dual Feed Accessories
  76. Embroidery Accessories
  77. Why use a thread stand
  78. How to Hoop the Fabric
  79. Attaching embroidery hoops
  80. Attaching the embroidery module
  81. Selecting embroidery foot #26
  82. What you need to start embroidering
  83. Embroidery Settings Menu
  84. Embroidery Tutorial Area
  85. Embroidery with Straight stitch throat plate
  86. How to Embroider a Design
  87. Embroidery Functions Overview
  88. Needle threader hitting the hoop
  89. How to Load an Embroidery Design
  90. How to Load an Embroidery Alphabet
  91. Curved Lettering function
  92. Embroidery Quick Help
  93. How to Size, Move, Rotate, Mirror an Embroidery Design
  94. Hoop Options & Sizes
  95. Embroidery Tension
  96. Basting in the Hoop
  97. Calibrating the Embroidery Hoop
  98. Embroidering with the Slide on Table
  99. Zoom OptionsSaving Embroidery Designs
  100. Saving Embroidery Designs
  101. Resizing Designs
  102. Checking the size of design & Placement
  103. Fixing a thread break
  104. Corner to Corner Check
  105. Virtual positioning & Absolute Embroidery Check
  106. Embroidery stitch density & Stitch Type
  107. Color Edit
  108. One Color or Monochrome Designs
  109. Specialty emb motifs – cutwork, paintwork, crystal work, punchwork
  110. Bernina USB stick
  111. Cutting connecting stitches function
  112. Embroidery with the foot control connected
  113. Embroidery Applique
  114. Step Through Stitch by Stitch
  115. Step Through Color by Color
  116. Embroidery Park Position
  117. Sewing with the Embroidery module connected
  118. Combining embroidery designs on screen

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