Machines We Have Filmed

A list of the embroidery machines, sewing machines and sergers we have finished filming!

Quick links below to our video tutorials, just click on the machine to jump to the page.

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  2. Lorraine Gee says:

    love your videos. have learned a lot on my machines with it. I am now waiting for one on the Epic.

    1. Thanks Lorraine! We are planning an advanced Husqvarna Viking Designer Epic class this fall. Follow us on Facebook or get on our email list for updates.

      1. Noni ONeill says:

        Looking forward to the Video on the Husqvarna Viking Epic There isn’t any around that I know about, as I have just bought one. The Manual is good but it is better to view the instructions. So could you let me know when your Video comes to Sewing Mastery Please. Also can you buy the Video ,as I live in Australia it would be very helpful. Cheers Noni

        1. Hi Noni, To get updates on the Epic class release sign up for our email list or follow us on Facebook.

      2. Linda Frazier says:

        I’m Soo excited you are planning videos on the Epic! Thank you! I love your videos!! You are a great instructor and I love the classes!! Thanks again!

  3. Marlene says:

    I would Love to see some operational videos on my Bernina which is a 440QE. This model seems to have been left out of your lineup of instructions. Why?

    1. Hi Marlene, We started the project after the Bernina 440QE was out of the line and didn’t have the opportunity to film it. Check out the videos for the Bernina 550 it was the replacement machine for the 440QE.

  4. Cynthia Sibitzky says:

    Your videos are the BEST source of information on operating my machine. I loved the series on the Ruby Royale, a TREMENDOUS help when I got my first H-V in December. Now that I have an EPIC, I am anxiously awaiting that series.

  5. Teresa Reid says:

    Sara, thank you SO MUCH for these tutorials. I watch them over and over and continue to learn more about my Bernina 530 every time.
    You are the best teacher!

    1. Glad we could help!

      The Sewing Mastery Team

  6. Kathy says:

    Is there access to your older videos? Some of us still have previous edition machines and could receive benefit from reviews of those older tapings. Thank you.

    1. Hi Kathy, All the videos we have done for The Sewing Mastery Project are online. We do not have videos for the previous models.

      The Sewing Mastery Team

  7. Christine-Helene Huysentruyt says:

    Hello from Belgium, When I lived in Canada, I bought a Viking #1; which of your Videos of more recent machine would be closer to my older model ? thank you

    1. The newer machines are quite a bit different from the Husqvarna Viking #1 there really isn’t anything close.

      The Sewing Mastery Team

  8. beverly breidenstein says:

    i have a designer se which i know is an older machine
    need help learning to use any reason why not on the list

    1. Hi Beverly, The Husqvarna Viking Designer SE was out of the line before we started The Sewing Mastery Project and we no longer have access to that model.

      The Sewing Mastery Team

  9. Angie Galang says:

    I have a Brother Innov’s 2500D embroidery
    Sewing machine. Do you have a video lessons on how to use it.
    Angie Galang

    1. Hi Angie, We do not have any videos on the Brother 2500D

      The Sewing Mastery Team

  10. Janine R says:

    Oh please tell me you will be doing the Bernina 570QE soon. Current model, but very little anything seems available on it.

    1. Hi Janine, Yes! The Bernina 570 is on our list for the future.

      The Sewing Mastery Team

  11. Noni says:

    Hi. Where do I sign up for your EMail list on the Husqvarna Viking Epic

    1. Sara says:

      Hi, At this time, if you are signed up for the e-mails from we will let you know when those videos are being filmed. Thanks for your interest! ~Sara~

  12. Ronda says:

    Love your informative and great instructional videos…they supplement the manuals tremendously..Thankyou !!!!!!

  13. JoEllen says:

    Could you do a pfaff creative performance video? I’m having troube with embroidery hooping . Thanks jo ellen

    1. Hi JoEllen, We will be all of the Pfaff machines in the current lineup.

  14. David McLaughlin says:

    Thank you for all your hard work! Love the videos and am ANXIOUSLY awaiting your videos of the Viking EPIC!

  15. Jill Cantell says:

    Have just upgraded from Bernina 710 to the 790. Learnt so much from your videos for the 710. Are you going to do the 790 in the near future as there are so many differences. Many thanks.

    1. Hi Jill, We will be filming and advanced class for the Bernina 790 and 880 Plus machines later next year.

  16. Mary Peacon says:

    I am so excited that I found my Bernina Sewing machine and Bernina Serger. I’m now looking for the Brother Entrepeneur Pro 1000 Embroidery Machine!
    Any chance you will present that machine?
    Thank you so much!

    1. Hi Mary, So glad you have enjoyed the Bernina videos. We will not be filming the Brother Pro 1000. We do not have access to the Brother line of sewing machines.

  17. Mary Ann says:

    How about the Pfaff Creative Sensation?

    1. Hi Mary Ann, We will be filming the Pfaff creative sensation pro II in the future.

  18. Mary Hunter says:

    Which Bernina machine is closest to the 750 Qe ?

    1. The Bernina 770QE is the closest to the 750QE.

  19. Karen says:

    Thank you for the great “learning” videos- I bought a husqvarna diamond deluxe just before the royale came out-imagine. I enrolled in my retailer’s 5-class course, but didn’t have time to sew at the time so I have forgotten quite a bit- your tutorials are very helpful. Now I’m wondering if it’s worth upgrading to the epic…what are your thoughts?

    1. Hi Karen, Without knowing how you are using your machine it would be hard to give advise on an upgrade. But we do love our Epic’s here @ … The faster speed, larger hoop size and wifi connection only scratches the surface of the things we enjoy! I would recommend spending some time with your local store to learn more about the Epic.

  20. Janet says:

    Will you be doing baby lock machines in the future?

    1. Hi Janet, We have no plan for Babylock as do not have access to Babylock machines.

  21. Donna Forrest says:

    Back the last of May I bought my 1st Embroidery machine. The Husqvarna Viking Topaz 30. Loved the videos for that machine but now I’ve bought the EPIC! When will you have videos coming out for it? I could really use them to help with all the many features 🙂

    1. Hi Donna, We are still in the planning stages for filming our advanced videos on the Designer Epic. We will start filming late this year.

  22. Linda Galyon says:

    Thank you so much for the 560 series. My dealer did a fantastic job explainning everything to me, unfortunately with all the excitement of getting a Bernina by the time I got home some of the instructions were forgotten. I truly appreciate the fact that this is not one long video; instead, I can search specific task needed and watch just that segment. Thanks to your videos I am not afraid to use my new machine and have completed so many projects that I am proud to give away as gifts!

  23. Lucille Vivian says:

    Is the video for to learn embroidery free or is there a cost for it?

    1. Hi Lucille, All of the content on is free to view.

  24. Carla Foster says:

    Hello! I can’t tell you how many times I come out to this website to check on techniques I’m not sure of as well as helping a friend who purchased a Topaz. It was great to have the videos as a resource to teach her!
    I just recently added a used machine to my “arsenal”, and I’m wondering is there a lot of difference between the HV Diamond Royale and the Diamond Deluxe?
    Thanks so much! Carla

    1. Hi Carla, Thanks for watching and glad we can help. The two Diamond machines are very similar and we find that the Diamond Royale videos are great for Diamond Deluxe customers as well.

  25. Karen Catlett says:

    I just received my new Bernina 590 machine. It is not on your list. Would love to see it listed!

    1. Hi Karen, With the B590 just releasing we will film it in the future. There are lots of machines we have already committed to doing on the list first.

  26. Christine baker says:

    What about the singer future 550 don’t have a clue

    1. Hi Christine, The Singer Futura machine are not machines we currently have access to for filming.

  27. t.R. says:

    Singer Futura Quintet ones, please?

  28. Jeanette Klein says:

    We have a Viking Quilt Designer Type 600. Anything on this?

    1. Hi Jeanette, We do not have anything on the Viking Quilt Designer. It was out of the line before we starting the SewingMastery Project.

  29. Pat Davies says:

    When will you do the Epic?
    When are you launching the embroidery online class and where can I find it?

    1. Hi Pat, We don’t have a timeline on the Epic yet our real jobs get in the way sometimes 😉 Embroidery Essentials is filmed and we are working on the new site to host it. We will announce it on Facebook and in our emails when it releases.

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