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We have updated our free downloadable “Such a Simple Bag” pattern to now include serger instructions AND how to make this bag out of fat quarters.

If you are looking for a way to make a dent in your fabric stash this year for a good cause, continue reading to see why we are donating these fabric bags to our local food pantry.

The Such a Simple Bag pattern has been a free download for years. Originally designed by my mother-in-law, Cleo Snuggerud, we are bringing it back to life with a few new updates.

Why We LOVE This Bag

  • Uses 1 1/2 yards of fabric total
  • Great beginner project
  • Add a strip of denim to the handles for extra durability
  • It is reversible!
  • Easy to wash
  • Will hold up to 40 pounds (and more if you can lift it)!

Uses for This Bag

  • Great travel tote
  • Take grocery shopping and skip the “paper or plastic” question
  • Give as a gift to family, friends or co-workers
  • Beach bag
  • Snow pants, boots and gloves bag for kids
  • Lunch bag
  • Wedding gift with a grocery store gift card for the new couple
  • Keep-in-the-car bag for who knows what
  • Make and donate to local food pantries to give to their guests

Donate These Bags!

Are you looking for something new to sew this year that will use up some of your fabric stash? I am!

This year I am making and donating Such a Simple Bags to my local food pantry to help guests take home heavy cans of food. Not only will they appreciate the extra strong handles, but they will know someone cares.

1 1/2 yards makes one bag, but 3 yards makes two bags with different color linings. Mix the handles up to create a colorful, stylish bag anyone who appreciate carrying.

NO Batting and NO Zippers

Over the years I have participated in numerous charity sewing projects. I have thoroughly enjoyed having a SIMPLE pattern to work with that does not require batting or zippers. The name of this pattern says it all – it is a “Such a Simple Bag”. Download this pattern for FREE here.

Triple Straight Stitch

Utilize the triple straight stitch on the sewing machine to ensure the handles are well attached. The triple straight stitch is also a STRETCH stitch and will give the seams a little “give” when carrying heavy loads. This will also keep the seams from coming apart.

Edge Stitch Foot

Use an edge stitch foot (a foot with a center blade) to create even topstitching on both the handles and the top bag edges. Move the needle position to the far LEFT for professional looking topstitching.

Use a Serger for SPEED

Want to speed up the bag factory? Use a serger to sew the construction seams of both the outside and inside bags. A serger can also be used to box the bag corners. Switch to a sewing machine for handles and final assembly. When sewing with a friend, have one person on a serger and one on the sewing machine to help mass produce these bags.

Using a Fat Quarters

SEVEN fat quarters will make a Such a Simple Bag. See pattern for details for adjusting the patten to accommodate using fat quarters. We always recommend making a new pattern once through according to original directions before trying any adaptations.

Have Fun Using up Your Stash!

No matter who you gift these bags to, please enjoy the time sewing. Sewing calms the soul and gives your mind time to think.

Post a comment below how you have used this free bag pattern.

  1. Donna Skiba says:

    Are you collecting bags to donate?

    1. Sara says:

      Hi Donna,

      If you want to donate bags we are more than happy to take for Feeding South Dakota. If you are not in our area, please donate bags to your own local food pantry.


      Sara Snuggerud

  2. Giuliana Nakashima says:

    Thank you for this in this time of so much polarizing in our country- something we can all agree on: no one should be hungry. And how to use up some of that extra material that’s been laying around -too small for one thing but too big to be tossed. Our reward will be helping others …and room for NEW FABRICS lol! Cheers and sew on

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