Sara’s Top 5 Favorite Features on the Pfaff Quilt Expression 720

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After filming over 65 videos on the Pfaff Quilt Expression 720, I am excited to share all the wonderful features this machine offers. I have selected five of the coolest features that sewists should know that this machine includes.

Whether you are a new sewist or looking to upgrade from an older machine, make sure this Pfaff model is on your list!

Do You Own a Pfaff expression 710?

If you own the Pfaff expression 710, please use these videos to master your machine as well.

Pfaff Intergraded Dual Feed (IDF)

The Integrated Dual Feed from PFAFF precisely feeds all types of fabric from top and bottom for perfect stitching every time. Since 1968, Pfaff sewing machines have included this version of a walking foot on their sewing machines. If you are a quilter, there is no need to purchase a separate walking foot for machine quilting through batting.

10″ of Working Space

The Pfaff Quilt Expression 720 has a full 10″ of working space between the needle and the inside of the machine. This bonus space gives sewists the extra working space needed for machine quilting, alterations, and larger projects. The engineers took liberties of adding additional lighting in this area to brighten up the sewing area.

Pfaff Stitch Creator

Create your own personal library of up to 9mm wide stitches or edit built-in stitches for unlimited creativity. Whether you are envious of stitches on other brands of sewing machines or you have a desire to design your own stitches, the built-in Pfaff Stitch Creator allows for endless creating.

Pfaff Exclusive Decorative Stitches

Pfaff is known for its decorative stitches. The Pfaff Quilt Expression 720 has the right to boast about the menus upon menus of premium exclusive stitches like floating stitches, single, double and triple ribbon stitches and stacking stitches. These categories of decorative stitches are normally saved for the top-of-the-line models. This affordable Pfaff model can keep up with any of the current top Pfaff sewing machine models any day.

9mm Wide Stitches + Four Direction Sewing

The Pfaff Quilt Expression 720 has 9mm wide stitches, extra wide maxi stitches, and four direction sewing options. This means the feed dogs can move forward and back as well as side to side. This side to side movement can take fabric to the right and left for numerous sewing options.


During the filming of this machine, I accidentally stumbled upon a decorative stitch combined with a tapering feature that I loved. Check out this video as I show two ways to stitch it out for two totally different outcomes.

Complete Video Playlist

Start watching the complete Pfaff Quilt Expression 720 videos in order by clicking on the play button below.

Where To Buy

Please visit your local Pfaff retailer to check out, test drive and purchase the Pfaff Quilt Expression 720 sewing machine. Click here to find a Pfaff retailer near you.

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  1. Denise says:

    Hi Sarah. I have a new 720 and experimented with freemotion sewing but now I can’t figure out how to deselect that so I can return to straight stitching with the feed dogs up! Can you help, please? I haven’t yet found it in the book.

    1. Sara says:

      Hi Denise,

      To turn off the free motion option, touch the function that looks like a “pile of spaghetti”. You can see what I am talking about here in this video:

      Find all our free Pfaff 720 video tutorials here:

      Thanks for asking! Happy stitching!

      Sara Snuggerud

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