Top 10 BERNINA 570 Features I LOVE

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The BERNINA 570 Quilters Edition is one of BERNINA’s top-selling sewing machine models. After creating 118 free video tutorials on the BERNINA 570 sewing and embroidery machine, I have picked out my favorite features on this machine. Click here to watch the video of all my favorites and then scroll down to see individual videos of each featured item as it is being highlighted.

9mm Stitch Width

The BERNINA 570’s maximum stitch width is now 9mm wide. For so many years, BERNINA’s stitch width has been about HALF this size. Every time I stitch out wide stitches and decorative stitches, I am always amazed at the new improved size. Whether for just moving the needle position to far left field or adding fun embellishments to my Stitching Cosmos blocks, this new stitch width is greatly appreciated.

BERNINA Jumbo Bobbin

The BERNINA 570 jumbo bobbin is the largest bobbin in any home sewing machine. The new BERNINA hook system that the BERNINA jumbo bobbin sits in allows for faster sewing and embroidery speeds. This BERNINA sewing machine is a workhorse with a bobbin that outlasts all other sewing machines.

BERNINA Accessory Feet

The BERNINA 570 can be accessorized with any of BERNINA’s available presser feet and accessories. Adding accessories to this machine will quickly advance all your sewing dreams to realities. If you can think of it, BERNINA has already created a foot for it. BERNINA is known to have the most extensive set of sewing and embroidery accessories of any brand of machine on the market.

BERNINA Stitch Regular is INLCUDED!

The BERNINA 570 is named a “Quilter’s Edition” because it comes with quilting feet and the BERNINA Stitch Regular for free motion quilting. If you have struggled with free motion quilting, this included foot will revolutionize the way you quilt. The BERNINA Stitch Regulator turned me into an expert free motion quilter. Watch this video to here my story and see how the BERNINA Stitch Regulator works.

BERNINA Dual Feed – No Walking Foot Needed!

The built-in BERNINA Dual Feed on the BERNINA 570 is the icing on the cake. This built-in walking foot is ready for action at just a flick of a finger. No need to purchase a separate walking foot. Plus, there are now additional BERNINA feet that are made to be used with the BERNINA Dual Feed like the zipper foot, open toe foot, jeans foot, edge stitch foot and more!

Great Decorative Stitches

I love decorative stitches and the collection of stitches on the BERNINA 570 are extensive. The menus of decorative stitches are endless which is perfect for anyone enrolled in the BERNINA Stitching Cosmos online course. Click here to preview over 10 videos for FREE to see if this course is right for you. No login needed.

Click here to watch all the Free BERNINA 570 video tutorials from the beginning here:

Embroidery is OPTIONAL

The BERNINA 570 Quilters Edition is a stand alone sewing and quilting machine. If embroidery is not your cup of tea, you are not paying for anything you do not want. But, if you if have a change of heart and you want an embroidery machine down the road, contact your local BERNINA retailer and purchase the optional BERNINA 570 embroidery unit. No need to trade in your best friend, just buy it a new toy!

Embroidery Design SIZING

BERNINA has always had unlimited embroidery design resizing on their embroidery machines. Open any embroidery design and enlarge it to the size of your largest embroidery hoop. This machine will automatically recalculate the stitch count and add in or substrate stitches as needed. In this video, I take a single letter and enlarge it to the size of the hoop for a GIGANTIC monogram!

Embroidery Density & Fill Stitch Changes Built-in

This feature is probably the most forgotten feature the BERNINA 570 has built-in. The ability to change a design’s satin stitch to a fill stitch is a great way to maximize the sizing option talked about in the previous section. Watch this video to learn more about when and why you would want to change embroidery density and fill stitches:

Curved Lettering Options Built-in

Curve any alphabet text with the touch of a button with the built-in “bending of the text” function. Normally found in optional software purchases, this curved lettering option will add a bit of spice to your next quilt block, name or embroidered quote.

In Conclusion…

It really was hard to select just 10 of my favorite features on the BERNINA 570. This machine is loaded! I hope this helps you see if this would be the right machine for you or if you already own the BERNINA 570 to help you know what is so great about the machine you have. I hope you will take the time to explore every corner of this sewing and embroidery machine.

I hope to see you in one of our online courses soon!

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  1. Susan Pruner says:

    I enrolled in the embroidery course and opted to pay for it monthly. Is there a way to change my payment schedule and just pay it all now? I’ve searched the site and can’t find a way to make this change.

    1. Sara says:

      Hi Susan,

      We can! I have e-mailed you a private message. Thanks, Sara

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