Top 10 BERNINA Embroidery Machine Questions

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Here are the TOP 10 BERNINA embroidery machine questions. 

With the overwhelming popularity of our recent Top 10 BERNINA Sewing Questions, we decided to compile a list of our top 10 BERNINA embroidery questions. 

These are the most frequently asked questions from our classes and on many social media platforms. 

1. What Embroidery Format Does BERNINA Use? 

The correct embroidery format for a BERNINA embroidery machine is .EXP or .DST. Only these two formats can be read in the BERNINA embroidery machine. If you are a Mac user, make sure you continue reading below about transferring embroidery designs to a BERNINA USB stick with a Mac computer.

2. Why Do I See Embroidery Bobbin Thread Showing on the Top of My Fabric?

Don’t be afraid to touch the BERNINA tension if bobbin thread is showing on the top of the hooped fabric. Reduce the top tension 1-2 numbers lower (smaller number) until the bobbin thread disappears. If it has been over a year since your BERNINA machine has been professionally serviced, an annual service will also fix the need of having to reduce the top tension. 

3. Why is My Embroidery Off?

There are two reasons an embroidery design might not stitch out correctly. One is that the embroidery embroidery arm or embroidery hoop was bumped or bumped into something while it was embroidering. Make sure to clear the entire embroidery area both in front of the machine and behind it from objects that could interfere during embroidery. Also, watch the back of your sewing chair that it does not bump the embroidery arm or hoop. 

Second, make sure all BERNINA embroidery machines are plugged into a battery backup. A battery backup will provide the machine with a consistent stream of electricity. Plugging a BERNINA embroidery machine into a wall outlet or a surge protector is just asking for trouble. Protect the machine’s circuit boards and guarantee smooth embroidering by using a battery back up. Click here to purchase a battery backup today!

4. Why Won’t My Embroidery Machine Start? 

There are a couple things that can prevent the BERNINA embroidery machine from starting. The most common is that the BERNINA Embroidery Foot #26 has not been selected on screen. 

The second problem, is when a BERNINA user attaches the hoop BEFORE it has been asked to be attached. Machines these days are super smart. Wait for the machine to tell you when the hoop is to be attached to eliminate this extra hassle. 

5. How Do I Center My Embroidery Design on a BERNINA Embroidery Machine?

Centering or moving an embroidery design to stitch in a specific area requires the activation of the hoop moving setting in the hoop screen.

Are You Still Scared of Your BERNINA Embroidery Machine? 

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6. Do I Need a Thread Stand? 

Yes. A secondary thread stand with a metal base can help when embroidering with difficult threads such as metallic thread. With the increased speed of the BERNINA embroidery machines, a thread stand can help the thread not get tangled or catch on the thread caps. Read more about thread stands here:

7. BERNINA Hoop Springs – What Are They? 

If you own a BERNINA embroidery machine, you probably have struggled hooping your fabric. There is a $5 Hoop Spring fix that will turn hooping your next embroidery project into a “dream job” instead of a hair-pulling catastrophe. 

8. Do I Need an Embroidery Needle?

Yes. Embroidery needles are idle of all embroidery machines because they have a sharper point and a taller eye. Use an embroidery needle with any and all specialty embroidery threads. The special scarf, widened groove and enlarged eye protect fragile threads and guards against excess friction allowing trouble-free embroidery and decorative stitching.

9. BERNINA and a Mac Computer

If you use a Mac computer to transfer embroidery designs from your computer to the USB stick you will find an extra set of odd looking files on the BERNINA embroidery screen. Please know that there is nothing wrong with the machine, the USB stick or the Mac computer. To find the embroidery files, continue scrolling through the group of embroidery designs until you find the actual design icons.  

10. Does the Stitch Count of Embroidery Designs Change When They are Sized within the BERNINA Embroidery Machine?

Yes. BERNINA is currently the only embroidery machine brand that can compute the increase or decrease of stitch count of a sized embroidery design on screen. Other embroidery machine brands can only size up or down 20% and the stitch count DOES NOT change. On a BERNINA embroidery machine the only limit to sizing a design to the maximum size of the largest embroidery hoop. 

This final topic is more a comment than a question…

I Don’t Use My Needle Threader…

What?!?! Why not? I see this most often in a hands-on class when a BERNINA student is squinting and threading their needle by hand. I ask, “Why don’t you use your needle threader?” Their response is one of two answers. Either, they never took the time to learn how to properly use their needle threader or they accidentally bent it and have never had it fixed. 

People…save yourself hours of frustration and learn to use your needle threader! I guarantee if you plan on embroidering in the future, you are going to have to change the thread 100’s of times. With all of today’s technology built-in to our wonderful embroidery machines, this is definitely one piece of the machine that should be in use. Take a few minutes to watch some of our videos to see all the needle threader tips.

Which one of these BERNINA embroidery questions did you find the most helpful? Leave a comment below!  

  1. Cindy says:

    Battery back up. Wow is all I can say. I will invest!

  2. Vonda says:

    Battery backup – next purchase. Thanks for all the tips

  3. Dorann Perry says:

    Battery back-up. I will also invest

  4. Ellen N says:

    The best tip for me was #9, I have a MAC and have never tried to load designs onto a USB stick. Thanks for the tip, Merry Christmas!

  5. Mary S says:

    The needle threader demo! Have broken it twice on my B770 and decided not to fix it! Having better luck with it on my B700.

  6. Kathleen Keim says:

    I haven’t used the needle threader. I’ll look at your video and give it a try. Love your Bernina videos. I think I have viewed all of then and go back frequently when I need a refresher. I also took your embroidery basics class which set me on the path to using the Bernina 770. Thanks for your guidance.

  7. Carolyn Jones says:

    Needle threader! Have also broken mine…. never really learned how to use it… and found singer threader easier. Will try again now.

  8. Shelia Boulden says:

    The hoop springs. Thank you for sharing your knowledge. It is much appreciated.

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